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Destiny versus Free Will in Psychic Readings, Part Two

One of the most dramatic of my experiences in connection with having a future prediction come true took place in the summer of 2003.  I was living as a helper and caretaker for an elderly lady in London.  One early autumn, I was giving an astrology reading to a young woman client.  At the end […]

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Destiny versus Free Will in Psychic Readings

The prediction of the future by psychics, mediums and clairvoyants has always fascinated me.  In my astrology readings I was always able to predict to a certain degree, but the most amazing predictions I have come across are those made by mediums and psychics.  But how can anyone predict the future if we can go […]

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Astrology Readings versus Psychic Readings

I do both astrology and psychic type readings. Although they are similar, astrology pinpoints the timing whereas tarot cards can give a clear precise picture of just what is going on.  Sometimes I can get names and descriptions of the people you will meet in the future.  All astrology is based on the birth time. […]

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