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How I Got into Astrology, Part Three

Another branch of astrology which is seldom discussed is horary astrology.  Horary astrology gives you a definite answer to a question.  It is set up for the time in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the […]

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How I Got into Astrology, Part Two

All modern astrologers stress the role of free will. It is asserted that astrology does not reveal fate or patterns which are ‘written in stone’, rather it reveals a person’s strengths and weakness, talents and opportunities. The horoscope supposedly does not determine the future, but shows the possible paths that lie ahead so that the […]

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How I Got into Astrology

By the mid-1970s I was in Boston, working at public radio and television station WGBH.  It was while in Boston that I encountered another astrologer, Isabel Hickey.  Isabel, known as “Issie”, also taught astrology from the perspective of karma and reincarnation. She always remarked that a person´s astrology chart was a reflection of that person´s […]

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Free Will and Destiny in a Psychic Reading, Part Five

If free will exists then it is sure and certain that it would be impossible for a clairvoyant to see in advance what chair a person would sit in when they came to attend a lecture.  Croiset repeated this test hundreds of times, sometimes with Professor Bender selecting the chair, sometimes with Croiset selecting the […]

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Free Will and Destiny in the Psychic Reading, Part Four

The late Dorothy Allison was able to predict the exact date events would happen in the future. In the following case, in which a banker disappeared from a commuter train on his way home from work, Dorothy was able to describe the events surrounding the discovery of the man´s body, the date, and the details […]

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Free Will versus Destiny in Psychic Readings, Part Three

In the winter of 1986, while living in a cottage in Woodstock, Vermont, I travelled to California to do research on a book.  I consulted psychic Vicki Johnson, then of Laguna Beach, California.  She told me, “March of next year will be the major turning point in your life.  One thing I see right around […]

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