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Why Aren´t Love Spell Casters Free?

Every once in a while I get told that my work should be free. People say stupid things like what I have is a “gift” and so I should not charge money for what I do. I reply back that the only “gift” is one that sits under the Christmas tree at Christmas time. I […]

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How Fast do Love Spells Work?

REAL love spells do not work overnight and anyone who says they claim 24 hours is a fake! My spells take 14 nights in a row to work. I have never done a love spell that worked instantly. Here below is an example of the timing on a love spell:Thanking you for your great spell […]

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Are Love Spell Casters Real?

I believe most love spell casters are real. Some are not. How do you tell the difference? If you phone up someone who claims to be a spell caster and he or she tells you right off the bat that they can definitely do the work then they are not real. I must probe deeply […]

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How Does Love Spell Casting Work?

There are many forms of love spell casting. Some are more powerful than others, and some work and some do not. This is a plain fact. I started doing spells as a teenager. I used simple candle magic. You burn about ten red candles all at one time and focus on the object of your […]

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What Are the Qualities to Look for in a Spell Caster?

When I started in psychic work back in 1970 the situation was completely different than it is today. For one thing there were relatively few people doing any kind of psychic work and the internet had not yet been invented. Most of the people around were either astrologers or clairvoyants and spell casting was almost […]

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