Why Aren´t Love Spell Casters Free?

Every once in a while I get told that my work should be free. People say stupid things like what I have is a “gift” and so I should not charge money for what I do. I reply back that the only “gift” is one that sits under the Christmas tree at Christmas time. I do not work for free and I never will. The food at the supermarket is not free. My rent is not free.

There is an old scam going on around the internet where some spell casters say, “Free love spells”, this is a bait and switch technique in which the fake love spell caster tells the would-be client that all he or she has to pay for is the materials used in the casting which can amount to several hundred dollars. How dumb can you get? And people fall for this.

Another one is “pay after results”. If I let people pay me after they got results I would go broke because people would just waltz away and not pay me. A client of min who is wise to these things wrote me a testimonial about this.

Paying before the work is done



Carol Ann Pinkerton <[email protected]>


to me


As a client for whom you have performed two different spells (one love reunion and one business) I can definitely say without a doubt that you are the top of the class. Before you I paid out over 3 thousand dollars to fake spell casters.

When you took on my case I was grateful because you had a waiting list. Others were ahead of me. I learned the hard way that if the payment is Western Union or the green dot card it's fake. When I phoned you for the free consultation you set my mind at rest by explaining that I was free to call you anytime during the two week casting process to report any changes that were going on.

My boyfriend make a complete turn around one day before the two weeks were up. I was pretty shocked when you phoned be and told me some lady wants to pay you when the spell is over. How dumb does she think you are? Also, you have to lay out cash for supplies for the spell ahead of starting it.

I'm happy to write this reference for your work. Please do not give my phone number to anyone.

There is nothing in life that is free. It gets my ire up when people ask me to work for free. I have a code of ethics. Everything in life has a price. Also, I have to turn many people away because perhaps the nature of their situation is such that the spell simply would not work. I strongly suggest that people who want me to work for free keep on looking for someone else to do the work because it will not be me!

“Nothing of value is free. Even the breath of life is purchased at birth only through gasping effort and pain.”

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