Astrology Readings versus Psychic Readings

I do both astrology and psychic type readings. Although they are similar, astrology pinpoints the timing whereas tarot cards can give a clear precise picture of just what is going on.  Sometimes I can get names and descriptions of the people you will meet in the future.  All astrology is based on the birth time. Soif you do not the time of birth it may not be as accurate.  Your mother says, “In the afternoon.” Grandma remembers your father calling form the hospital “just after lunch.” “Two o’clock p.m.” is written with a flourish in the baby book. So, what time were you born and does it really matter? If you want to have an astrological reading, it does.

An accurate astrological chart can reveal volumes of information about a person’s character and potential, as well as the challenges and opportunities that await him or her in the future. The natal chart (also called a birth chart or horoscope) is essentially a freeze-frame image of the sky and the precise birth moment and location. After that moment, of course, the Earth kept turning and the planets continued their journeys across the heavens. Nobody else shares your natal chart. You are truly unique! And you owe it to yourself to have a reading about the real you.

The Ascendant, or rising sign, a key factor in chart interpretation, moves one degree every four minutes. It changes signs about every two hours. If your birth time is off by 30 minutes, you could easily come up with the wrong rising sign. And, since all the house cusps change along with the Ascendant, some planets could be in the wrong houses. This would greatly alter the astrologer’s interpretation, since the houses represent the basic areas of life in which the planetary energies are played out.

Having the wrong birth time can also make a big difference in forecasting. Thirty minutes by the clock can throw off the timing of some predictions by years. If any planet’s sign or house placement is incorrect, the forecast might make no sense at all. This would be a serious waste of the astrologer’s time and your money!

A psychic reading that I will do for a client usually employs the tarot cards. Often it shows up what has happened in the past as well as the future.  I use the Rider Waite Tarot deck and have been successful for many years in the predictions I have made.  Psychic readings can and do give a lot of precise information about what is going on at the present time, but there is nothing like an accurate astrological chart to give you the best timing for what is going to happen. So both the psychic and the astrological reading are important, even though they are different.