Destiny versus Free Will in Psychic Readings

The prediction of the future by psychics, mediums and clairvoyants has always fascinated me.  In my astrology readings I was always able to predict to a certain degree, but the most amazing predictions I have come across are those made by mediums and psychics.  But how can anyone predict the future if we can go out and change it all by free will?  I have looked more closely at this are area of the paranormal than any other.  Are we free or bound?

A posthumous communication from the famous psychical research Frederick William Henry Myers tells us that it was all imaged at the beginning by God and that we have little free will to change.  This would seem to account for Rudyard Kipling´s dream about being in Westminster Abbey that came true in every detail. Kipling referred to it as being shown a slice of the reel of his “life film”.

Myers communicated through automatic writer Geraldine Cummins in several books.  In The Road To Immortality he wrote:

“THE term “free will” presents different meanings to different people. For some it implies the idea that in all we do we are following out our own particular fancy or desire so far as is possible. For others, free will seems to imply simply the right to choose, the right, when we come to cross roads, to follow the particular lane that seems, from our point of view, the most alluring.

Perhaps we decided to travel along the beech-shaded road and not the road that is open on every side. Who makes that decision? I should call it the aggregation defined by the term, body, soul, and spirit. Now, all these are built up out of various elements, but all are one creation. They have been slowly shaped through the ages. All the hereditary influences must be included. All the influences of a psychic and a spiritual character are there. These seem innumerable to our finite minds. Circumstances, friends, enemies, relations, all help to mould that inner being which makes the decision to follow that beech-shaded road. Does it not strike you, therefore, that you are asking what is impossible because of the very nature of our being when you make the demand that free will must rule? We are obviously merely the creation of many other men and women living and dead. Therefore we are largely the victims of their varying influences and are bound to follow those tendencies implanted in us.

In other words all mankind is, in a sense, one, and yet many. Man’s history, his character since the dawn of the world, might be conceived as a vast web ever growing and growing, and the source of it all is to be found in the Master Spinner who is responsible for every particle of that fine fabric, for the whole history, the whole character of man since the beginning of time.

Now, you must realize that as God is the Creator, the Great Master Builder, He knows what shape the life of the individual will take before that individual is born. He knows exactly the nature of the unborn babe, how he will develop from the hour he leaves his mother’s womb, where his tendencies will lead him, the manner in which circumstances will mould him. For the great picture of all creation has been conceived in the imagination of God before ever the babe has evolved out of what we call the void. For instance, the future of the earth is imaged already in the imagination of God. It has happened because He has already thought it. But what has not happened is the change in the individual soul, the manner, for instance, in which it reacts to the trials and the joys of life. The reactions of the soul are all that matter in connection with your earth life. Will sorrow embitter you? Will ruin but nerve you to fresh effort? In the latter instance, you create within yourself in that you increase the power of your will, increase your courage. Or will you give up hope and sink into penury, thus increasing the weakness of your character? You have, in short, free will only in the sense of creation, only in the moulding of your own soul. Now that is the important and vital factor  in connection with your earth life.”

As difficult as this concept is for people to grasp, I have accepted this as the true one for many reasons.  It accords with my experiences as an astrologer, making predictions with a definite timing.  It accords with my experiences of going to mediums and clairvoyants who read for me and in which the predictions came true, sometimes with accurate timing.

Think of Creation this way. Everything that is going to occur has already occurred. Your life, others, the events in the Universe, they have already happened, we just haven’t arrived there yet. Creation is as a giant movie reel. The Creator has already made everything and all the events that are to occur. Each of our lives are in the reel. The reel runs at a set speed (time frames). What will happen in your life, say next year, is already on the reel, you just haven’t arrived at that point yet. Call it destiny or whatever. The Creator can look backward or forward in the reel as HE pleases. HE can stop the reel if so desired. Our lives, from birth till death are already fully contained within the reel. The reel runs at the set speed (time) of the universe, as far as we are concerned. Everything you do throughout every moment of every day is already contained within the reel of life. Everything.