How Fast do Love Spells Work?

REAL love spells do not work overnight and anyone who says they claim 24 hours is a fake! My spells take 14 nights in a row to work. I have never done a love spell that worked instantly. Here below is an example of the timing on a love spell:

Thanking you for your great spell work



Federico Fabrizi <[email protected]>

Jan 5

to me

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have a saying in Italy that when you make a friend it is for life. In November you started work on my case. My wife was divorcing me. I had repeated bouts with depression. My lawyer tell me she is going to go through with it. As you know, we have two children. They become torn apart from this. Then you begin your work. I don´t understand about the phase of the Moon and all that but, twelve days from your start she text me. We have a drink in the plaza. She talk of many things, then in sixteen days we have another meeting after you make for me the Talisman. A month and three days and she is back home with the children. Gary I transfer to you an extra 500 Euros as a tip for this. Please do not quit doing this work as you tell me you are going to do.

It is good for you to use this as a reference for your work. Federico Fabrizi

Another thing about how fast love spells work is how tough the case may turn out to be. I have had cases where it took two or maybe even three castings before it worked. Like this one below

Carol Ann Pinkerton <[email protected]>


to me

I would be happy to write something. You are correct in that not much happened in the two weeks. But loving my guy so much I figured in for a penny in for a pound and decided to go ahead and have the advanced Hermetic Magic done in the second two weeks. From what you said you have to fast for two hours each time you do it and take a ritual bath. So you said you don´t do it at the start but wait to see what may happen in the first two weeks. He contacted me at week four and by week five when you were done we were completely together as I wanted, I sent you a list. And we are still together. You are free to give this person my reply. Carol

It is my belief that nothing good happens overnight and that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Just avoid stupid people who put up comments like this one which is an obvious scam:

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