Free Will versus Destiny in Psychic Readings, Part Three

In the winter of 1986, while living in a cottage in Woodstock, Vermont, I travelled to California to do research on a book.  I consulted psychic Vicki Johnson, then of Laguna Beach, California.  She told me, “March of next year will be the major turning point in your life.  One thing I see right around that time is you are going to get on a plane and go to a foreign country.  I feel that you will live out the rest of your life in a foreign country.”

Well it was not March of “next year”.  It was March of 2014!  In March 2014 I moved to Spain.  She was off by 25 years.

Another experience in my life of psychic prediction took place in early 2005, not long after I returned to California from London as the psychic had accurately predicted. Having lost my home in London, I was not doing well financially.  I was looking for a live-in job.  I had a phone reading with British medium Honor Church, a Spiritualist.  She told me that I would be moving to the San Francisco Bay area from southern California where I was at the time and that I would be living in a large home owned by a man whose initial was “R”.

“You will be ok with this job,” she told me.  You will have to leave the man who you are helping out some food in the microwave, where all he has to do is push a button, you will be ok.”

I went to live in a house owned by a man named Rick.  Rick claimed he had a serious chronic back problem despite the fact that doctors could find nothing wrong with him,  Rick lay on the floor all day and only got up for a few brief moments to eat meals which it was my job to prepare.  The routine we established was that I would leave soup in the microwave which Rick would warm up.

Impressed with the accuracy of these predictions, I booked three more readings with Honor Church over the next year and a half.  In the next reading she told me about a woman that I was going to meet very soon.  Whenever I hear that something is going to happen soon I roll my eyes to the ceiling because invariably the time frames are wrong.  I am reminded of the prediction George Woods got about meeting Betty Greene via the mediumship of Leslie Flint. “Very soon,” he was told, “a woman will come and join you in this work.” It happened seven years later.

“This woman will teach you to breathe properly,” Honor Church told me.  “It could be something like hatha yoga.”  She then proceeded to describe the sort of house this woman lives in.  “You could put my whole house into one of the rooms in this woman´s house,” Honor said.  “The house is huge,” she told me, “and it has its own swimming pool.  Near the house is a very large tower with lights on it at night.  It could be a radio or Tv tower or mobile phone tower but it is visible from where this woman lives.

“You are going on a cruise with this woman,” she went on, “but you´re not paying for it. She is. One cruise you go on the ship is the size of New York City.  Wait until you see the car she comes driving up in.  Very fancy.  Once you meet her, sweetheart, you will never have to worry about money again.”

I recorded everything she said and waited one year.  Nothing happened.  The following year I got two more readings.  In those readings she told me the woman had a dog and that the gardens would be out of this world.  “There is something about deer that are tame enough to come near her home.”

Fascinating.  Seven years later it still hadn´t happened.  Then, in the early part of June 2014, I went with a friend, Christine Wessel, to the tiny village of Mijas Pueblo to see a clairvoyant, Mark Bajerski. Mark held court in the basement of a tiny New Age bookstore.  Half English and half Polish, Mark had clients coming from all over Europe for readings.  As I settled into my chair that day, Mark poured some oil onto my hands and asked me to remain quiet.

He began to speak about my mother who had passed away in 1993.   “Your mother wants you to know she is sorry for what she did to you. She was manipulated.”

When my father died, my mother married a man who was no good and he turned my mother against me.

I had come hoping to hear something about a TV series I was planning but instead Mark turned the reading in a much different direction.

“Within two years from now you are going to be in the arms of this woman whom you have not met yet,” Mark said  “This woman lives here in Spain and this is where you will stay”

Here we go again, I thought.

“And if she wants to share her wealth with you, I think you should take it.”

I nearly fell off the chair.  “Did I hear the word wealth?”, I asked.

“Yes, this woman is quite wealthy,” Mark replied.

I left not knowing what to think.  Honor Church´s similar predictions were now over eight years old.  Perhaps I should just forget it.

Then, in April 2015 I went to see Mark again for another reading. He had moved his office to the basement of a golf hotel. Once again, he rubbed oil on my palms and told me to relax.

“You still have much work to do,” he began.  You are a lighthouse, a beacon.  You have lived a life that is more interesting than most people.  A life that holds great wisdom that needs to be shared with the world.  Start writing.  Writing is the doorway that leads you to where you are going.  Make sure you get the title right.  Spiritually you are connected to a higher vibration.  The book will be taken to from four to seven countries.

“The sea is important,” he continued.  “I see two dogs walking.  There is a woman at the side of you, each have one dog.  You are walking on the beach holding somebody´s hand.  She is not in your life yet.  You will have love, help and guidance from her, not just a caring ear.

“Look down at her feet when you meet her and see what kind of shoes she has on, they are going to be stilletoes with a designer logo, they are designer shoes.  This woman doesn´t eat burgers.  She comes from old money and she is used to good things.  Gary, you have the gift to make a woman laugh.  She has long hair, and her eyes are not brown so they must be either blue or green.  She has a tiny birthmark.  She is a princess- self- made!

“This woman has two living children, and one in the Spirit World.  Her husband was very wealthy.  They money came from a company connected to gas and oil.  She could be an American lady or else has some connection to America in some way.  I get the number ten, or ten months from now, Gary.  That would put it a February 2016. From May to May the clouds are disappearing and there is a new beginning.  This woman has more than one house.  The most important connection with her for you is that she needs to trust and believe in somebody who will take time for her.

I am still waiting for these events which have been predicted by Mark Bajerski to occur.

I began by stating my feeling that in some way we cannot understand, these events have already happened.  How, otherwise, could the clairvoyant possible predict such details with uncanny accuracy?