The Interest in My Kind of Psychic Work

It is no surprise that a vast number of people are interested in the kind of thing I do and in many other psychic subjects. Has the government lied about Roswell? Have people really been abducted but aliens? We’ve seen THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, but what actually happened? Are crop circles a hoax? Can people really talk to the dead? These and other strange events that over 70% of surveyed people say they have experienced are now common. Researchers from Australia’s Monash University conducted an online survey that drew over
2,000 respondents from around the world. The survey revealed that roughly 70% of the
“respondents believe to have had an unexplained paranormal event that changed their life”
and “also claimed to have seen, heard, or been touched by an animal or person that they
knew was not there; 80% have reported having a premonition, and almost 50% stated they
recalled a previous life.”
As for who believes, a small study published in the Skeptical Inquirer magazine in 2006 showed that seniors and grad students were more likely than freshmen to believe in haunted houses, psychics, telepathy, channeling and a host of other questionable ideas. So higher education seems to lend itself to belief in the supernatural. In additon, Gallup Poll in 2001 found younger Americans far more likely to believe in the paranormal than older respondents. A 2009 Pew Research Center survey revealed that about half of Catholics and black Protestants believed in or had experienced at least two of a list of supernatural phenomenon. The list included: belief in reincarnation, belief in spiritual energy located in physical things, belief in yoga as spiritual practice, belief in the “evil eye,” belief in astrology, having been in touch with the dead, consulting a psychic, or experiencing a ghostly encounter.
Even if such ghosts and goblins aren’t real, they can sure scare us. So if you’re home alone and hear an seemingly unexplainable creaking noise or see a glimpse of a “ghost,” Wiseman suggests knowledge is your best weapon against a freak out. “I think that just knowing what’s going on helps,” he said. Take a Ouji Board: Once you realize the glass is moved by one’s unconscious movements, the resulting letters are less scary, albeit less meaningful possibly.
The biggest aquarium in the world has enlisted the services of paranormal investigators. Roswell, Georgia, Paranormal Investigations spent the night in Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium two years ago looking for evidence of haunting during the “Titanic” exhibit.
“Without the national exposure of shows like ‘Ghost Hunters,’ I’m not sure that would have been possible,” said Dan Bernstein, a member of the 3-year-old group.
Bernstein became interested in investigating the paranormal nine years ago.
“I unintentionally captured what is known as an ‘EVP’ (electronic voice phenomena, a disembodied voice that cannot be heard by the human ear at the time of recording, only on playback of recording equipment) on a videotape while out with a bunch of friends around a supposedly haunted location in Virginia,” he said.
“It was too dark to capture anything on the video recorder, so I only had about 60 seconds of footage. Upon playback, there was a whisper voice which said (in drawn out fashion) ‘hiiii.’ I was holding the camera and know for certain this was not one of us.”
The Roswell group has also been a member of the The Atlantic Paranormal Society family, the seal of approval of the “Ghost Hunters,” for two years. Recently, the groups have become more organized.