Are Love Spell Casters Real?

I believe most love spell casters are real. Some are not. How do you tell the difference? If you phone up someone who claims to be a spell caster and he or she tells you right off the bat that they can definitely do the work then they are not real. I must probe deeply into a situation with a prospective customer to know if the spell casting will work or not. For example, if a lady calls me up and says she is in love with a married man and wants him to leave his wife and children for her then I know it will not work and I cannot take the case. If a lady phones me up and tells me she is in love with a celebrity who she has never met and want me to put a spell on him to make him fall in love with her then it will also not work and I cannot take the case. The love spell casters who are not real are the ones who take every single case whether it will work or not just for the money.

Love spell casters who are not real also give “free readings” to lure in new clients. In fact, they are not readings at all but just made up stories to bait the client telling him or her that you have a soul-mate relationship with the object of your love. Spell casters who ARE real do the astrology on the phone first and see if anything is going on in the stars which indicate that the spell may work.

I had a case of a lady who had her husband leave because of mid-life crisis and on the 14th day of the spell he came back. Four years later this same lady contacted me ain and this time it had happened all over again, the husband had taken off again. This time I was not so sure it would work and told her as much.

Any spell caster who takes on work is obligated to tell the customer that there is no 100% guarantee it will work. I told a lady not long ago it is probably not going to work because the man is not in love with you but she wanted it anyway. It did not work.

Another way to spot spell casters who are not real is fake references like the one below:

Have a phone number like this in the beginning or end of the testimonials:

“Hello everyone, who still cares about his/her ex-lover or having any other problem, I am PRINCESS, from Canada i never thought my ex will come back to me again, i am very happy at last that my ex-lover now my husband is back to me, who left me six months to our wedding just because of some little misunderstanding, But today we are married and we are expecting our little baby, i sincerely want to say thanks to Dr ADODO for helping me cast the spell that brings him back to me, i am grateful and happier than ever before, Thank You Doctor for helping me, and if you are also having problem in your relationship or any part of life, you can also contact him and he will respond to you. email [email protected] or call his mobile number +2349035101239”

How to spot a fake spell caster

Here are some examples on how to spot a fake spell caster so they won’t end up scamming you.You can tell if a spell caster is fake if they:

1. Say their spells are 100% guaranteed or satisfaction guaranteed

If you see this on any spell casters website just know that this is a big red flag because no spell caster can guarantee 100% results. Also, if they say you’ll see fast results within 24 hours to a week then it is a scam.

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