How Does Love Spell Casting Work?

There are many forms of love spell casting. Some are more powerful than others, and some work and some do not. This is a plain fact. I started doing spells as a teenager. I used simple candle magic. You burn about ten red candles all at one time and focus on the object of your desire. On one occasion I had this girl driving past my parents’ house she was so crazed for me. Unfortunately candle magic does not last more than a week or two and wears off, or, more appropriately burns out just like the candles do.

Another form of magic is wicca. Wicca is a religion. I do not practice wicca because for my customers it is just not powerful enough.

The form of spell casting I use is called Ceremonial Magic. How it works is through spirits. The spirits in Ceremonial Magic are called entities. The spell caster must evoke or invoke the entity to do his bidding. This is done through a complex series of rituals that involve burning of incense and lighting of candles.

Ceremonial magic or ritual magic, also referred to as high magic and as learned magic in some cases, is a broad term used in the context of Hermeticism or Western esotericism to encompass a wide variety of long, elaborate, and complex rituals of magic. It is named as such because the works included are characterized by ceremony and a myriad of necessary accessories to aid the practitioner. It can be seen as an extension of ritual magic, and in most cases synonymous with it. Popularized by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, it draws on such schools of philosophical and occult thought as Hermetic Qabalah, Enochian magic, Thelema, and the magic of various grimoires.

I do not believe anyone can explain exactly how this form of spell casting works because nobody knows how the entities do what they do. The practice of ceremonial magic often requires tools made or consecrated specifically for this use, which are required for a particular ritual or series of rituals. They may be a symbolic representation of psychological elements of the magician or of metaphysical concepts.

In Magick (Book 4), Part II (Magick), Aleister Crowley lists the tools required as a circle drawn on the ground and inscribed with the names of god, an altar, a wand, cup, sword, and pentacle, to represent his true will, his understanding, his reason, and the lower parts of his being respectively. On the altar, too, is a phial of oil to represent his aspiration, and for consecrating items to his intent. The magician is surrounded by a scourge, dagger, and chain intended to keep his intent pure. An oil lamp, book of conjurations and bell are required, as is the wearing of a crown, robe, and lamen. The crown affirms his divinity, the robe symbolizes silence, and the lamen declare his work. The book of conjurations is his magical record, his karma. In the East is the magick fire in which all burns up at last.

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