What Are the Qualities to Look for in a Spell Caster?

When I started in psychic work back in 1970 the situation was completely different than it is today. For one thing there were relatively few people doing any kind of psychic work and the internet had not yet been invented. Most of the people around were either astrologers or clairvoyants and spell casting was almost totally unknown.

Almost all of my work was through word of mouth and I never even had to place an ad. Magick, or the casting of spells, is something that consists of both study and practice and trial and error. Most of the people around back then were honest. Then came the internet. People began to appear in droves claiming this or that special ability. It is a plain fact that anybody can put up an ad on the internet and claim to do almost anything.

You have no idea whether it is true or not. So when choosing a spell caster you must look for certain things. The first thing you must look for is references. Let me explain what I mean by references. I see websites with references that say “Mary is the best ever. Give her a try”- John. That is NOT a reference. A reference is a testimony really written by a past client that contains either their phone number or their e-mail address so that they may be contacted by a prospective client. Such as this one that appears below from one of my past clients:

My name is Stacey Castille, a client of Gary Williams.Last month, Gary did two castings for me and made a Talisman for my situation - which has turned completely around.Gary is known to have a high success rate and my situation is a great testimony, hopefully he did forward it to you. My husband left me due to midlife crisis, we've been married for 18 yrs and were separated for almost six months. He even served me with divorce papers during my first casting (because he was so determined to move on with his life). And by the end of my first casting on the 14th day - I swear on my two children he contacted me - he had forgiven me and wanted to spend some time together.As of today, we are together, he's pretty much staying here in our home again and will move bank in next week.I paid Gary each time for each casting - that's the way it works - no caster is going to perform the work without payment up front - there has to be trust on both ends. Each casting was $375 which is reasonable for the daily rituals and work involved.The investment is worth it to get your husband back, sacrifice something else financially and begin your casting with Gary - you dont want to have any further regrets.Best Wishes

Stacy Castille 
Psychic Love Spell Client

That is the first quality to look for. The second one is only use someone who takes payment through a legitimate bank like Wells Fargo. Never us Western Union and never use Moneygram. If you look out for those two qualities you will be ok.

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